When Pigs Fly Dog Training, LLC

Board and Train

Relax. We'll do the training for you. Send your dog or puppy to When Pigs Fly Learning Camp!
We offer training in a true home environment. All dogs live in our house and become part of our family for the duration of their stay. This allows them to not only learn basic skills, but learn to do them in realistic situations, not just a controlled training venue.
All training uses the scientifically proven effectiveness of reinforcement as outlined in my book “When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs.” Treats, praise, toys, and other reinforcers will be applied in a precise and measured manner to produce lasting results with no psychological fall-out.
As part of training, we will take your dog off the property for “field trips” to help your dog learn to perform his skills in a real-world setting. These trips will be designed appropriately based on your dog’s age, training level, and personality. These are not “proofing” sessions where the dog is set up to fail and then punished. They are practice sessions where the dog is challenged just enough so he learns to apply his lessons in the real world by being reinforced for success.
Your dog will enjoy going away as much as you do - When Pigs Fly!
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