When Pigs Fly Dog Training, LLC

The WPF Seminar Experience

When Pigs Fly seminars are a total immersion in what it takes to train an "impossible" dog. Whether your dog is a tough to train breed, an "easy" to train breed with a specific issue, or just a great dog that you want to reach his full potential, a WPF seminar will give you the skills and tools needed to succeed with your dog.
At WPF seminars:
  • We bring a information-packed video and Powerpoint presentation for each segment. By the end of a Pigs Fly seminar, you'll have a new understanding of the art and science of dog training and handling.

  • We travel with a professional sound and visual system to ensure that no one, auditors or working students, miss any of the seminar.

  • My dogs are teachers, too. Students learn difficult exercises and skills first on my dogs, which gives the students the understanding and confidence they need in order to teach their own dogs.

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