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We want you to have something to look forward to on a regular basis, so you'll now receive a Piggy Pointer every two weeks.
Piggy Pointers are a video series of light dogkeeping tips. These are not training videos - they're a collection of wisdom regarding keeping your sanity while living with dogs. We're rolling out ten Piggy Pointers this year, with topics such as:

-Tricks for keeping your house from becoming a pile of rubble
- Tips for monitoring your dog's health
-Generally containing the special mayhem caused by living with Pigs Fly Dogs

You'll get to see lots of adorable dogs in action while you learn how to manage your doggy lifestyle.
We currently are on Piggy Pointer Number Two, but Three and Four are in the works and we'll have a total of ten up within the next few months.
Will the Piggy Pointers make your dog as smart as little Amelia? No, but they'll make your life much easier.